IRC Servers: What you need to know.

An IRC server is a machine that runs a piece of software your PC will connect to. Others from all over the world will connect to
one of our servers (which are linked together into a network). Once connected together, you can talk!


PhrenzyIRC's Servers

Just like if you wanted to go to the shops for a loaf of bread, it doesn't make sense to go to another city when you have a baker on your street. For the same reason, it makes sense to connect to the server that is closest to you! Here are phrenzyIRC's active servers:


How to connect

Once you've chosen your server, it's simple! All you need to do is open up your favourite IRC client (look in the help section for suggestions) and type in:


That command should get you onto the irc server 'Aeons'!


Maidenhead [Near London], England

The main hub and irc server is run by the network founder, Jon. Aeons took over from the retired "Dante" in 2007.

Operators: Jon, Liam


If you are a server owner who understands IRC, is strong with Linux and would like to become part of phrenzyIRC, please read through the Linking FAQ. Once you have read that, come chat to one of our operators.