At PhrenzyIRC we're interested in statistics. We're not sure why, but seeing those little graphs fill up makes us explode with
nerdy ecstasy. The statistics on the network come from a multitude of different sources; we're always looking to develop our
networks' bots and find new ways of analysing what is going on in our little world.

Statistics: The American Dream!

History of phrenzyIRC

History of phrenzyIRC: provided by

phrenzyIRC has had years of IRC traffic. Blue spikes on the graph are 'floods' where many users connect concurrently (often malevolently). The white gaps are times when the network was down. Late in 2006 many users split and left for our friends at the Waypasteleven network (now defunct), hence the lower averages.

Recent activity [14 days]

Week by week channels/users on phrenzyIRC: provided by

Here is a run-down of the current activity happenning on the network over the past fourteen days, the blue lines representing user count and the pink line representing channels.


Statistic software runs in some of our more popular channels and creates neat logs. Here are some of the channels being tracked at the moment:

Got a channel?

If you have a channel and you'd like statistics on it, come and chat with one of the operators and we'll have your channel logged.